Zokya Media – What’s to Come in 2023


Every year on my birthday I like to sit down and kind of take stock of where I’m at. It’s been a great year for Zokya Media so this time I thought I’d air my brain dump a little more publicly.

Zoya 2022: Some Accomplishments

Stream Toys by Zokya: My First Game Release

2022 was a red-letter year for Zokya Media. Ever since I first picked up a game controller I longed to build and release a video game. Earlier this year I finally released “Stream Toys by Zokya” on Steam. (A collection of Twitch-enabled minigames).

Stream Widgets: A Platform for Stream Interactions

After releasing “Stream Toys by Zokya” I realized there was a need for content creators to incorporate interactive elements into their streams. That’s why I created “Stream Widgets”, a suite of tools for streamers to easily add fun visuals, sound effects, and other elements to their streams without having to install any software. This includes my personal favorite the “Enchanted Billiard Sphere“.

Creating Virtual Worlds: Doe Haven

This year I created my first VR demo (I hesitate to call it a game) as a birthday gift for Disaster Doe. With some carefully orchestrated secret development sessions, I created “Doe Haven” – her very own peaceful and quiet island to explore. Seeing her reaction was incredible. Additionally, this project gave me the confidence to possibly build some VR games in the future.

Zokya 2023: What to Expect

Zokya Media is Moving

2023 Will see the HQ of Zokya shift from a small apartment in Denver, CO to a large house in upstate NY. We expect this move to be completed by late spring(but there is some uncertainty. The move back to a house will grant me much more space to fiddle with my projects and build new exciting content.

A Shift In Socials

You may have noticed I analyze and iterate often. I’m experimental with my processes to a fault. I’ve always believed that this is the best way to discover new and potentially innovative ideas. Unfortunately, this does lead to a lack of consistency. (Which is something I am working on) As discussed in a previous post I am shifting towards a “Blog First” approach. Additionally, for content I do release on Social Media platforms I’m going to try and prioritize short-form video content as it’s both more engaging to consume and create.

More Stream Widgets

Since I built “Stream Widgets” as a platform, it is relatively easy now for me to go in and add whole new interactive visuals and games. I plan on taking advantage of this in the new year. First up for release is the 2D plinker game. I’ve been working on but be sure to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see.

What About Streaming?

It’s been a while since I last streamed, but this coming year I’m planning to get back into it in a big way. This time around, my focus will be on creating engaging content and letting the audience interact with me more. Also expect me to experiment with different platforms for streaming. I have a feeling Youtube might work better for some of my maker streams.

Zokya and Chill: Let’s Hangout

Want to hang out and have some fun? Me and Disaster Doe have decided to start organizing virtual gaming hangouts through our Discord. Look for an announcement on our Discord Soon.

I have so much more I want to talk about from RFID model railroads to preflight checklists but frankly, this post is already way longer than it should be. I’m impressed you made it this far! I look forward to the world we are going to create together. Carpe Mustella!

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