The Uncertainty of Social Media: Refocus on Zokya Blog


The Uncertainty of Social Media: Refocus on Zokya Blog

Social Media is an incredible thing. I remember starting my Twitter account 14 years ago. At the time I mostly thought it was a convenient way to update my family with riveting information such as “My Plane has landed safely”. Of course with starting Zokya Media and getting involved in all my various projects Twitter has morphed into an important way for me to connect with friends, customers, and other Indie devs.

I have been watching current affairs at Twitter with interest. Without giving more attention to the current debacle, I think it’s safe to say no one has any real idea what the future of the platform is. This got me thinking.

I think this is a good reminder that as a content creator and indie developer I am likely best served by primarily hosting my content on my own domain. The Zokya media blog is a great way to do this. Zokya allows me to have complete control over my content.

Zokya Blog: What To Expect

On the new and improved Zokya blog, you can expect lots of exciting updates! I will continue to share updates on my software development projects (such as “Stream Toys by Zokya” and “Stream Widgets”). Additionally, I will also use this blog to share my fun hobby projects such as plastic scale modeling, ant keeping, and model trains.

Am I Quitting Twitter?

No, not really. I expect I will post there and still use all forms of social media to connect with other content creators and developers. Zokya Blog just gives me a great way to host my content and share my updates with the world. And I don’t have to worry about losing all that with the changing tides of Social Media.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Zokya, make sure to subscribe to the Zokya blog! You can also follow us on Twitter at Zokyadesigns for updates.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continued support! Stay tuned here for more exciting updates. Until next time!

Carpe Mustela

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