Zokya Update: We are Pushing It. Coins I Mean!


Welcome to the Zokya Update! It’s an exciting time at Zokya Media with a lot going on! Not counting the move there are two new games I have to talk about today, so let’s get started.

🚐The Great Move

Packing for the move is continuing, if at a snail’s pace. For this move we opted for a prolonged approach. Hoping to avoid the last minute scramble we started packing approx 4 months in advance of the move. This may have been ill advised as our living arrangements are a shamble of boxes and clutter. That being said we are on course to have Zokya HQ up and running sometime in May. Once that’s off our plate I hope I can really dig into my projects.

🪙Coin Shove Arcade

At the start of the pandemic I started teaching myself modern game development. I needed a simple game to work on as I was learning the ropes. The isolation of the early-mid pandemic made me nostalgic for arcades. One of my favorite arcade amusements is of course the “Coin Pusher” (Some of you may know them as “Coin Dozers”) so I started working on that. After a while I shifted my focus to “Stream Toys by Zokya” as I made friends in the streaming community so I dropped work on “Non-Cents” (as it was called). Recently I decided to pick it back up, and actually scrapped the old code and started fresh. The plan is to target mobile as the primary platform. I am also working on a way for folks to have early access to play “Coin Shove Arcade” so be on the lookout for that.

🚂Project “Hopper”

Ok this one is a bit of a strange one I have to admit. You know model trains? Well what if you could play “Transport Tycoon” on that layout? I have been absolutely OBSESSED with this idea. Essentially I attached RFID chips to the underside of train cars and built a system to read their position at RFID Reading “Stations”. Ultimately you could be given tasks such as “Keep the powerplant full of coal” and you will have to control the locomotive, fill the hoppers with “digital” coal and deliver it! There is a ton of potential here, and my post on r/modeltrains seems to have raised quite the interest!

Carpe Mustela

Well that’s it for now. Assuming we survive the move expect to see things kick up into full action. Also be on the lookout for an announcement of how you may be able to support these projects directly and get some pretty cool perks.

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