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Wait… What is a Stream Widget?

It occurs to me that I have been bad about communicating the differences between Stream Toys by Zokya and Stream Widgets . Here’s what you need to know.

Stream Toys by Zokya

  • Free
  • Runs as an executable on your machine
  • Available through Steam
  • Interactive Games
  • Plinker
  • Break the Ice
  • Coin Pusher

Stream Widgets

  • Free
  • Runs as OBS Browser source
  • Available through the web
  • Interactive Diversions
  • Achievement Unlocked
  • Enchanted Billiard Sphere
  • Rubber stamp

Both are free and offer different experiences, but I am particularly excited about Stream Widgets as there is no install necessary! No download, no setting chroma key, you just pull in a websource and you are good to go!

But How Do I Use Stream Widgets?

So What’s New?

Custom Triggers for “Achievement Unlocked”

You can now set custom command and point redemptions triggers for Achievement Unlocked! Want to name your redemption something different? Want the achievment to pop up when someone says “!achieve x” I got you covered!

Stacked Achievements

Previously if two folks triggered an achievment at around the same time. the second person’s achievment got lost. Now up to 3 achievements will stack on the screen at the same time!

New Enchanted Billiard Sphere Responses

The amazing and talented comedian Dando Rando has offered his pen to the cause and has added an amazing amount of new Enchanted Billiard ball responses.

Boring Shit That No One Cares About

I have refactored the entirety of the authentication scheme. TLDR: the “tokens” that Twitch grants to Stream Toys (with your permission) only last a certain amount of time before needing to be refreshed. These tokens would eventually expire and Stream Toys was not able to refresh this access. I have refactored the entire Auth system to work with and allow these refresh tokens to work correctly.

I also fixed the bug that was causing the “alien” lettering to show up on the billiard ball.

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