Freight & Games: AR Model Train Game POC Progress


Freight and Games? Currently I can’t stop getting my mind off of my AR train game concept. This morning I was finally able to wire up the a NFC reader and mount it under the track in my first module. Ultimately this module will contain a powerplant which will be 1 part of the 2 part demo. After getting it all wired up and testing my code that I haven’t touched in 6 months I was able to see the digital coal get “loaded” into the hopper. Also pushed a quick Tik Tok Next step is to finish mounting the track, wire for DCC and start scenery work!

@zokyamedia #sologamedev #indiegames #augmentedreality #diy #modeltrains #TransformersVoices ♬ Gonna Fly Now From “Rocky”


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