Brian Weis using 3D Printer

Brian Weis using 3D Printer

Mechanically Separated Games has now officially been transfered to Zokya Media. Why? Who knows, it’s not like any of these concepts of mine go anywhere, but that’s all part of the fun!

I have been living in Denver now for quite some time and a lot has happened. I’m hoping to update this space with new and upcoming projects so be sure to check back often, non-existent reader.

The biggest bit of project related news is that I have purchased a 3D printer kit and assembled it! The kit was a Makerfarm Pegasus 8″, took me about 3 solid days of work, and came together beautifully!  More on that later, but in the mean time here’s a picture of 2 dog keychains I printed out for my sister. They feature her two pups, Kota and Lil.


For the keychains I found a couple of dog silhouette online, used Inkscape to trace them as vector, then imported them to Blender. Once in Blender I was able to extrude the shape into a 3D Mesh, and add the loops and lettering.

Proton Pack ‘Metropolis’

Start of proton pack ‘Metropolis’

I have taken some time away from obsessing over game dev, to now obsessing over a prop I always wanted to own… a proton pack! You might be surprised to learn that coming across all the parts you’ll need to build a close to screen accurate prop, is actually quite easy. Thanks to thousands of obsessive fans that won’t let this 30 year old masterpiece be forgotten.

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Mechanically Separated Games: A Long History of Failure

I’m terrible at making games.

Well, that is to say I would be terrible at making games, if I was better at making the time to suck at it.  This is part of my new approach to working on my hobby projects, airing my dirty laundry and being honest with myself.  I will talk later about how this new approach is going to help me fail in completely new ways, but for now let’s talk about a small fraction of the junk littering my backup storage.

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