Proton Pack ‘Metropolis’

Start of proton pack ‘Metropolis’

I have taken some time away from obsessing over game dev, to now obsessing over a prop I always wanted to own… a proton pack! You might be surprised to learn that coming across all the parts you’ll need to build a close to screen accurate prop, is actually quite easy. Thanks to thousands of obsessive fans that won’t let this 30 year old masterpiece be forgotten.

This is  pretty common and popular project, there are hundreds of people online who have gone through the process of creating their own proton pack. As such there are many options available in construction, but most packs are made by sticking a fiberglass shell onto an aluminum back, and attaching either metal or resin parts on top of that.  Then of course you get to have fun with sounds and lights and even smoke effects.  I am not entirely sure where the build is going to take me, but one thing I have decided is to nickname this build ‘Metropolis’.

I purchased the mounted fiberglass shell, aluminum motherboard, and alice frame from a friend of mine in the local Ghostbusters group. (Yes there are a number of Ghostbusters groups across the world which dress up in full gear and do events for various charities. It’s nice to do something good, but lets face it, it’s mostly an excuse to dress up like a ghostbuster).  I quickly learned that the shell I am going to be working with is better than most, and a lot of the difficult work had been done (namely the mounting of the shell to the motherboard)

Shell separated from motherboard

I also had to patch up some damage on the bottom of the cyclotron (Thats the round bit at the bottom of the pack) and while I was patching that I decided to cover up a whole my friend had drilled to place a screw. He had placed a screw there to make the shell extra-secure, but the movie packs did not have a bolt showing there so I wanted to remove it.

Though I didn’t get a ton done it felt good to get started. After filler dries it can be sanded and later painted to look as good as new.  My next step will be to mount the 2 components the pack came with, and then its time to buy more parts!


Patched up corner where there was a chip
Screw hole I wanted to remove





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