Mechanically Separated Games: A Long History of Failure

I’m terrible at making games.

Well, that is to say I would be terrible at making games, if I was better at making the time to suck at it.  This is part of my new approach to working on my hobby projects, airing my dirty laundry and being honest with myself.  I will talk later about how this new approach is going to help me fail in completely new ways, but for now let’s talk about a small fraction of the junk littering my backup storage.

Break Out

Uglier than hell, but the networking was solid

From back in the day when I thought I was a l337 haxor who preferred Linux over PC. Man those were the days. I can’t remember the rules to the game but I think “Breakout” is a well known game type. The main point of this was to demonstrate server side validation when performing moves.  Since this was a school project, this game had no future.


Net Hex: Raccoons and Skunks

What could be more entertaining than exploding animals?


Another networked board game like game for a school project. Not sure why my professors had such an attraction to boring networked board games but here you go.  Once you had an uninterrupted line of your game pieces touching between your two sides, all of your characters would blow up. Because nothing says “I win” like being dismantled by a fiery explosion.

Raccoons and Skunks

Exploding animals.. I'm sensing a theme

In this school project I was left to my own disturbed devices and I ended up making a game based on skunks.. <cough> reproducing and raccoons blowing them up.  To be fair this little demo was a lot of fun to play with, I seem to excel at making small “tinker toy” like games. By this time I had started using the name “Evil Coon Games” name. Complete with a raccoon knocking over a garbage can.

Pedestrian Kill Fest

Killed pedestrians count towrds your "Ped-Pizza" score


Clearly I’m not overly clever when it comes to naming games.  This was another one of those disturbing games endless “tinker toy” games of mine. This time you drive a car and mow down an endless supply of pedestrians. The “game” features one power up, that simply sets pedestrians on fire… there is no real point.. other than they are on fire. This game gained some small popularity with people bored at work, but not really destined to be a success.


Green explosions because.. different atmosphere.. or something like that

The project that was most “successful” was a 2D side scroller arcade shooter called Derelict.  This was a team project where I barely touched the code but instead provided the entire tile set. It actually had a full level including a sped up section and a giant boss.  The guys on the team talked about continuing on from there and working on more projects but I declined because well.. school.


Pill-Bug Roller

Pill bugs... in space?

I built a working game demo in Unity, and all I got was this crumby low res screen shot.  This was one of my first failures in the “I’ll make a game on the side while I work a full time job” category. The idea was that you simply navigated a ball through a maze by rotating the maze.. This was supposed to be easily accomplished by rotating a tablet or some such. The idea wasn’t a huge passion like some of my other ideas, so this one was destined to fly off the tracks.

And Many Many More…

I have plenty of more non-starters and flops, I will probably post more as I struggle with my latest creation. This time as uttered by a friend and fellow 9-5er wishing to be game dev,  I choose not to fear failure, but instead embrace it.

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