How to Store Your Fantasy Coins

Coins as I recieved them from Fantasy Coin Inc

Here are the Scifi Fantasy coins I ordered, We need a better way to store them!

Quick project to share with you all today. My friend turned me on to Fantasy Coin Inc. Fantasy Coin Inc makes legit metal coins that you can use as a stand in for those crumby cardboard “coins” that come with your board games. Nothing quite beats the visceral metal “clink” and pushing piles of these puppies around so I HAD to get some.  I decided to get a set of the Sci-Fi Style coins, and a set of the Dwarf coins. These things are absolutely stunning and a real pleasure to handle. For each set I ordered a large amount of bronze coins, a smaller amount of silver coins. and an even smaller amount of gold coins. These can be used to designate different amounts in the game, such as 1, 5 and 10 “units”.

Coin Holder in Tinkercad

Coin Holder in Tinkercad

There’s only one problem however… how to store all these beautiful coins in such a way that’s easy and portable? I decided what the hell, I have a 3D printer so I should just go ahead and use it! I stacked up the coins into piles that made the most sense.. 2 bronze, 2 silver, and one gold. Then after taking all the measurements I used Tinkercad to design the holder.  Once designed it was just a simple export to STL and pulled it into Cura to print!

For the first print I scaled the Z-axis to just about nothing so that I could get a quick, flat print to test out the coin sizes. Nothing feels as good as designing and printing something the first time through and having everything fit up perfectly!  I then drove this project home by printing the coin holder at full scale, and printing my favorite screw top container from Thingaverse to hold the whole thing for easy storage. Seriously I use these screw top containers for pretty much everything, they are great!

If you have similar fantasy coins and could make use of my holder, feel free to grab it from Thingiverse here: Fantasy Sci-Fi Coin Holder. Happy Gaming!

Initial Short Z-Axis Fit Test

Initial Short Z-Axis Fit Test

First Print of The Holder

First Print of The Holder

Completed Coin Storage with Screw Top Containers

Here you can see the final Product


Brian Weis using 3D Printer

Mechanically Separated Games has now officially been transfered to Zokya Media. Why? Who knows, it’s not like any of these concepts of mine go anywhere, but that’s all part of the fun!

I have been living in Denver now for quite some time and a lot has happened. I’m hoping to update this space with new and upcoming projects so be sure to check back often, non-existent reader.

The biggest bit of project related news is that I have purchased a 3D printer kit and assembled it! The kit was a Makerfarm Pegasus 8″, took me about 3 solid days of work, and came together beautifully!  More on that later, but in the mean time here’s a picture of 2 dog keychains I printed out for my sister. They feature her two pups, Kota and Lil.


For the keychains I found a couple of dog silhouette online, used Inkscape to trace them as vector, then imported them to Blender. Once in Blender I was able to extrude the shape into a 3D Mesh, and add the loops and lettering.